What is 156 kilojoules in calories?

156 kilojoules is multiplied by 0.239 to get the calorie amount or calories are multiplied by 4.184 to get kilojoules. If you want to convert again, use the calculator below.
156 kilojoules is 37 calories.

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Food/s that contain 156 kilojoules or 37 calories are listed below.

Coffee, cappuccino, from ground coffee beans, double shot, with regular fat cows milk 
Beverage, commonly described as 'cappuccino', prepared from a double shot of espresso style coffee to which a large amount of heated and aerated regular fat cows milk is added and sprinkled with choc
Coffee, prepared from coffee mix with intense sweetener & whitener, no added milk 
Beverage made from dry coffee mix with intense sweetener and whitener to which boiling water is added. Does not contain added milk or flavour.
Milk, cow, fluid, prepared from dry powder, skim, standard dilution 
Cows milk prepared by mixing skim milk powder with water according to label directions as consumed during the National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey component of the 2011-13 Australian Healt
Brussels sprout, fresh, boiled, microwaved or steamed, drained 
Layers of small green leaves with white stems wrapped around a white base. Purchased fresh, then cooked by boiling in unsalted water then draining, by microwaving, or by steaming.
Mixed vegetables, for use in quiche recipes 
Mixed vegetables to be used as an ingredient in omelettes, frittatas and quiches recipes. Includes green vegetables (spinach, peas, cabbage, silverbeet, zucchini and green capsicum), orange vegetable