What is 1000 kilojoules in calories?

1000 kilojoules is multiplied by 0.239 to get the calorie amount or calories are multiplied by 4.184 to get kilojoules. If you want to convert again, use the calculator below.
1000 kilojoules is 239 calories.

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Food/s that contain 1000 kilojoules or 239 calories are listed below.

Bread, gluten free, with added grains, commercial 
Commercially prepared bread made from grains other than wheat such as buckwheat groats, cornmeal, rice and quinoa with added grains. May contain added folic acid and iodised salt. Ready to eat.
Bread, pizza base, homemade from basic ingredients 
Home prepared pizza bases made from white flour, water, oil and yeast. Does not include any toppings.
Muffin, cake-style, savoury, homemade from basic ingredients 
Home prepared savoury cake style muffin. Typical ingredients include flour, eggs, fat or oil, milk, cheese, bacon, and vegetables such as onion, corn, pumpkin, spinach, and/or zucchini.
Cheese, fetta (feta), reduced fat 
Soft cheese made by curdling cows milk with rennet and formulated to have a lower fat content than regular fetta cheese. Fetta is then sliced, salted and stored in either whey or brine.