What is 302 kilojoules in calories?

302 kilojoules is multiplied by 0.239 to get the calorie amount or calories are multiplied by 4.184 to get kilojoules. If you want to convert again, use the calculator below.
302 kilojoules is 72 calories.

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Food/s that contain 302 kilojoules or 72 calories are listed below.

Brandy, cooked 
Alcoholic beverage obtained from the distillation of wine, or fermented preparations of grapes or grape products, that has been heated until the majority of alcohol has evaporated.
Beverage, chocolate flavour, from drinking chocolate, with soy milk 
Beverage prepared by mixing drinking chocolate powder with any type of soy milk.
Blueberry, canned in syrup 
Small, deep blue berry with whitish waxy bloom canned in sugar syrup.
Fruit salad, banana, berries, mango & other fruit, homemade 
Diced fresh peeled banana, mango and orange, with berries and a small amount of added sugar, as prepared in the home from basic ingredients.
Beef, tripe, raw 
Typically made from the first three of a cattle's four stomachs, the rumen (blanket/flat/smooth tripe), the reticulum (honeycomb and pocket tripe), and the omasum (book/bible/leaf tripe). Generally s