What is 374 kilojoules in calories?

374 kilojoules is multiplied by 0.239 to get the calorie amount or calories are multiplied by 4.184 to get kilojoules. If you want to convert again, use the calculator below.
374 kilojoules is 89 calories.

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Food/s that contain 374 kilojoules or 89 calories are listed below.

Fruit, wild harvested, raw 
Wild harvested fruit such as bush passionfruit, bush plum or native gooseberry.
Octopus, marinated, baked, grilled, fried or BBQ'd, fat not further defined 
Octopus, usually baby octopus, marinated and baked, grilled, fried or BBQ'd. Commonly used as ingredient in baby octopus salad.
Mixed seafood (except finfish), wild-harvested, raw 
Flesh of seafood, such as mussels, sea snails and mangrove worms, which can be hand-harvested from mangrove areas. Eaten raw.