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1: Sauce, apple, commercial

2: Sauce, apple, homemade

3: Sauce, apricot, commercial or homemade

4: Sauce, barbecue, commercial

5: Sauce, barbecue, homemade

6: Sauce, basil pesto, homemade

7: Sauce, bearnaise, homemade

8: Sauce, black bean, commercial

9: Sauce, butter chicken, commercial

10: Sauce, cheese, homemade with undefined cows milk and fat

11: Sauce, chilli (chili), Asian, commercial

12: Sauce, cocktail or seafood, commercial or homemade

13: Sauce, cranberry, commercial

14: Sauce, cream based, homemade from basic ingredients

15: Sauce, curry, Asian, commercial

16: Sauce, enchilada, commercial

17: Sauce, fish, commercial

18: Sauce, for use in hamburger recipes

19: Sauce, garlic, commercial

20: Sauce, garlic, homemade

21: Sauce, hoi sin, commercial

22: Sauce, hollandaise, homemade

23: Sauce, honey soy, commercial

24: Sauce, horseradish, commercial

25: Sauce, HP, commercial, regular

26: Sauce, lemon chicken, commercial

27: Sauce, mint, commercial or homemade

28: Sauce, mushroom, commercial, ready to eat

29: Sauce, mushroom, homemade

30: Sauce, mushroom, prepared from commercial dry mix

31: Sauce, mustard, homemade

32: Sauce, oyster, commercial

33: Sauce, pad Thai, commercial

34: Sauce, pasta or simmer, not further defined, commercial, low fat

35: Sauce, pasta, basil pesto, commercial

36: Sauce, pasta, beef bolognese, commercial

37: Sauce, pasta, bolognese, homemade using beef mince and commercial tomato based sauce

38: Sauce, pasta, bolognese, homemade using beef mince and homemade tomato based sauce

39: Sauce, pasta, bolognese, homemade using beef mince and homemade tomato based sauce with vegetables

40: Sauce, pasta, carbonara, commercial

41: Sauce, pasta, carbonara, homemade

42: Sauce, pasta, cheese or cream-based, commercial

43: Sauce, pasta, pesto, for pasta recipes

44: Sauce, pasta, rocket pesto, homemade

45: Sauce, pasta, tomato based, homemade

46: Sauce, pasta, tomato pesto, commercial

47: Sauce, pasta, tomato-based, commercial

48: Sauce, pepper, commercial

49: Sauce, pepper, homemade

50: Sauce, plum, commercial

51: Sauce, salsa, tomato-based, commercial

52: Sauce, salsa, tomato-based, homemade from basic ingredients

53: Sauce, satay, commercial

54: Sauce, satay, homemade

55: Sauce, savoury meat with vegetables and gravy, commercial

56: Sauce, savoury meat with vegetables and gravy, homemade

57: Sauce, simmer for chicken, not further defined, commercial

58: Sauce, simmer, curry flavoured, commercial

59: Sauce, soy, commercial, reduced salt

60: Sauce, soy, commercial, regular

61: Sauce, stroganoff, commercial

62: Sauce, stroganoff, homemade

63: Sauce, sweet and sour, commercial

64: Sauce, sweet chilli (chili), commercial

65: Sauce, sweet, caramel, homemade

66: Sauce, sweet, caramel, liquid, filling (as used in chocolates, biscuits and ice creams), commercial

67: Sauce, sweet, chocolate, homemade

68: Sauce, sweet, lemon and butter, homemade

69: Sauce, sweet, mixed berry coulis

70: Sauce, tabasco, commercial

71: Sauce, taco style, commercial

72: Sauce, tartare (tartar), commercial, regular fat

73: Sauce, tartare (tartar), homemade

74: Sauce, teriyaki, commercial

75: Sauce, tomato, commercial, no added salt

76: Sauce, tomato, commercial, reduced salt

77: Sauce, tomato, commercial, regular

78: Sauce, tomato, homemade

79: Sauce, tomato, not further defined

80: Sauce, white, savoury, homemade with an undefined cows milk and fat

81: Sauce, wine reduction, homemade

82: Sauce, worcestershire, commercial